Bitcoin-Themed PEZ Dispenser Launches; 30,000 Units Available!

• The world’s first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser has launched.
• ProSnacktive Sales is producing a limited edition of 30,000 units to mirror the scarcity of bitcoin.
• The product launch aims to provide a break from the current market madness.

Launch of Bitcoin-Themed PEZ Dispenser

The world’s first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser has officially launched with a limited production run of 30,000 units. Chris Coradini, owner of ProSnacktive Sales LLC, said they pursued this project because they believe the future is bright for Bitcoin and it’s a fun way to promote it. By using bitcoin to help fund this project, they are mirroring the hard money scarcity of bitcoin in the production limit.

Why This Product Launch?

This product launch serves as an escape from all the news about acquisitions, liquidations and volatile prices that have been flooding investors’ screens recently. While these PEZ dispensers don’t need to be held as tightly as one’s bitcoin, they might still be worth holding onto as a collectible item. Phil Grimaldi from Connecticut was excited to hear about this new custom design for Bitcoin and he plans on buying more before the dispenser goes on sale in hopes of getting one himself.

What are PEZ?

PEZ (short for Pfefferminz) is an Austrian candy manufacturer that produces various types of flavored candy and mechanical candy dispensers popular among children around the world since 1927. It has become quite popular among collectors as well due to its unique designs and limited editions which make them great collector’s items.

How Can I Get One?

The world’s first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser can be purchased exclusively on Walmart Marketplace by ProSnacktive Sales LLC with only 30,000 units produced in total. So hurry up if you want to get your hands on one!


This product launch not only provides some fun entertainment but also promotes Bitcoin and encourages people to invest in it while also creating long-lasting impressions with crypto enthusiasts alike!