Madeira: The Perfect Getaway for Bitcoiners

Overview of Madeira

• A small Portuguese island 600 miles off the coast of Portugal
• Popular tourist destination with warm and temperate climate and a rich cultural heritage
• Economy driven by tourism, remittance, trade in ports, and exports such as bananas, passion fruit, tea, and wine

Bitcoiners Visit Madeira

A band of high-profile Bitcoiners visited Madeira this summer to document their experience. Pleb Music created a documentary featuring drone shots, storytelling sleight of hand and the agile camerawork of @Cinemuck_. The documentary showcases life on the island during the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Economy of Madeira

Madeira is like other small island developing states where its development is restricted due to its size. The local economy depends on tourism as well as remittance sent from Madeirans living abroad. Additionally, they export bananas, passion fruit, tea and wine. In order to diversify the economy during low season months they have begun to encourage digital nomads to work from the island.

Food & Culture

The cuisine on Madeira consists of espetada (posh kebab), steak and scrumptious fish which appeals to Bitcoiners visiting the island. There is also a rich cultural heritage that makes it an appealing travel destination for tourists looking for Instagram-worthy landscape views.


In conclusion, this summer’s visit from Bitcoiners highlighted why Madeira should be on any traveling Bitcoiner’s bucket list: stunning views, delicious food options and a unique culture that makes it stand out from other destinations. With regular direct flights to New York and budget airlines travelling to European capitals cities this small Portuguese island offers something for everyone.