Power Up Your World with Power Coin: Unlock Energy Sharing Benefits

What is Power Coin?

Power Coin ($POCO) is the governance token of the PowerU ecosystem, a distributed energy sharing BoT (Blockchain of Things) application chain and a Cross-National, Multi-Scenario Clean Energy Sharing Ecosystem. It aims to solve various challenges in the energy sharing sector by providing a decentralized autonomous energy sharing network.

Utilities of Power Coin

$POCO holders can pay for energy sharing rentals or other ecosystem-related transactions such as minting NFTs of mining rights, paying gas fees on the application chain, etc.; stake or mine to earn rewards; participate in ecosystem governance; and contribute to the growth and development of the PowerU ecosystem. Additionally, $POCO can be used to access and consume various IoT services provided within the PowerU ecosystem.

Value and Token Overview

The value of $POCO is supported by token buyback and value management based on fiat, income generated from PowerU energy sharing and IoT services, and the widespread adoption of the PowerU application chain in other IoT services or market expansion in different regions. Total supply: 10,000,000,000 (of which 6,000,000,000 will be locked and used to provide mining rewards to contributors of energy-sharing.) Coinstore Listing Trading pair: $POCO/USDT

PowerU Ecosystem

The PowerU ecosystem encompasses distributed energy storage and IoT hardware, various offline scenarios, and a decentralized energy sharing network with potential for carbon credit measurement and trading system in the future. It connects energy sharers and users thus enabling direct free trading while reducing transaction costs across industries like powerbank sharing ,newenergy vehicle charging ,energy storage etc..


By leveraging leading-edge technology and a professional team;Poweru aims to provide clean safe cost effective energysahring eecosystem with significant growth opportunities & high investment returns .